Terms & Conditions

Motorcycle tours
Motorcycle rides
Motorcycle tours Thailand
Motorcycle rides Thailand
Hua Hin

Passports / Visas

You must have a valid passport which does not expire for at least 6 months after your return date. It is your responsibility to check this, and to ensure that you comply with all the entry regulations, including meeting all health requirements for Thailand. You must obtain and pay for any visas that may be required during your visit, and take all necessary documentation with you. FART will not be liable if you fail to discharge these responsibilities.

Drivers licence

All motorcycle riders must have a valid full motorcycle license, and have held a full motorcycle license for at least 3 years. Minimum age is 21 years old. The Guest Biker (GB) will be required to produce their original drivers license and an international drivers permit (IDP)   (obtained in your country of residence), and photocopies of same to an Agent Partner during the motorcycle tours registration process. 

Liability and Indemnity

fly and ride Thailand (FART) make every effort to safeguard GB’s. GB’s fully understand the risks in motorcycling, and you, your heirs, legal representatives, successors and assignees release FART, its officers, owners, employees, contractors, suppliers and affiliates from any and all legal claims, debts, actions and liability which may arise, directly or indirectly, from participating in any or all aspects of the offered motorcycling experience, or other arrangement, for any loss, injury, death, damages to or in respect to any person or property however caused or arising. GB’s are required to sign a release during the registration process.

FART do not guarantee transfer times and aren’t liable for GB’s inbound and outbound travel arrangements. FART accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings or baggage. We will try and accommodate unforeseen travel delays, but only at our discretion.

Payment Terms

10% deposit to be paid at least 90 days prior to ride date.

Balance must be paid at least 60 days prior to ride date.

In addition, the amount of 25,000THB (per motorcycle)  motorcycle insurance excess is required to be paid when the balance of the ride is paid. This amount is refunded in full when the motorcycle is returned in good condition at the end of the ride, or if the event of motorcycle tours cancellation.

Cancellation by Guest Biker

Cancellation is only effective when written notification is received by FART. It is your responsibility to ensure such notification is received and acknowledged.When the cancellation has been acknowledged the following cancellation charges will apply:

60 or more days prior to departure -  loss of deposit

 30-59 days prior to departure - 50% of total ride payment cancellation charge

 15-29 days prior to departure - 75% of  total ride payment cancellation charge

 0-14 days prior to departure - 100% of total ride payment cancellation charge

 A no-show always incurs a 100% cancellation charge  

Cancellation by FART

FART reserves the right to cancel  up to 6 weeks prior to commencement if minimum  numbers have not been reached, or if a  motorcycle or substitute is no longer available. Minimum numbers will be 3 Guest Bikers (excluding pillion passengers). FART is obliged to give you as much warning as possible of any cancellation, and will make every endeavour to offer an alternative. If there is no suitable alternative, then any fees paid will be refunded in full, which will constitute full and final settlement. FART is under no obligation to refund the cost of additional arrangements not made with FART, such as flights etc.

FART and its suppliers reserve the right to accept, decline or refuse any GB’s at any time, and to cancel any contract on grounds of non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions, or those of our suppliers, local traffic regulations or the supplier’s requirements for group travel. In such circumstances no refunds of any payments made will be due.

Customers agree to accept the authority and rules of FART and its suppliers, Road Captain’s and outriders.

Motorcycle tours
Motorcycle rides
Motorcycle tours Thailand
Motorcycle rides Thailand
Hua Hin

Force Majeure

FART, our suppliers, guides and associated personnel accept no responsibility for, and shall not be liable in respect of any loss, damage, alterations, delays or changes arising from circumstances outside our control, such as but not restricted to: war or threat of war, riot, industrial dispute, civil strife, fire, flood, adverse weather conditions, terrorist activity, natural and nuclear disaster, technical problems with transport, computer malfunction, cancellation of scheduled or charter airlines, closure or congestion of airports or ports, disease or financial failure of suppliers. While we will do whatever we can to help and assist, any additional costs incurred are the responsibility of GB’s.

Travel Insurance

It is a condition of registration that you have appropriate and valid travel insurance, which offers cover for personal injury, all medical treatment and in the unlikely event, repatriation, whilst motorcycling. This is NOT a part of your package  cost. Written evidence of appropriate cover is required during the registration process, and it is your responsibility to provide this. FART accepts no responsibility for a GB’s failure to arrange appropriate cover and to produce the original insurance coverage document plus copies during the registration process. 

Traffic Infringements

Our Road Captain’s will follow the traffic  rules of Thailand at all times. GB’s must carry their drivers license, international drivers license and passport with them at all times, follow our Road Captain’s instructions  at all times whilst riding, and comply with  the road rules of Thailand at all times. Subject to the above, in the unlikely event that traffic infringements are incurred, all speeding tickets, camera speeding fines, parking fines, or any other minor traffic violations will be paid by FART. The motorcycle must not be used for any activity that infringes Thai law. The motorcycle must not be used for racing or pacemaking. 

Safe Riding Conditions

FART endeavors to maintain the highest standards of motorcycling to ensure the wellbeing and safety of our GB’s. We therefore only ride motorcycles where there is full visibility during daylight hours, and when vision is not impaired by heavy rain or other inclement weather situations. Motorcycles may only be ridden from sunrise to sunset. Only in the unlikely event of a late arrival and with prior authorisation outside these hours may FART motorcycles be ridden, and at reduced speeds, to reach the next destination. During rainfall, speed must be reduced to a sensible, safe wet road surface handling speed based on the rider’s skill and under the direction and guidance of the Road Captain until the nearest shelter is reached. 

Ride Description

While every effort is made to be as accurate as possible in our website ride descriptions, FART reserves the right to amend our itineraries before travel, and to amend itineraries during a travel if, in the professional opinion of the Road Captain, or required by local circumstances or the riding ability of the GB’s. No refunds will be given due to any motorcycle tours change .

Motorcycle Riding Gear

FART strongly recommends that full riding gear is worn. This should include, helmet, jacket, gloves, riding pants, riding boots. Sizes and choices are very personal, and GB’s should bring all of their own riding gear with them. In Thailand motorcycles helmets are compulsory. Other riding gear listed is strongly recommended.

Motorcycle tours
Motorcycle rides
Motorcycle tours Thailand
Motorcycle rides Thailand
Hua Hin

Meals and Alcohol

FART provide breakfast at the hotel, normally a basic buffet, and lunch at a restaurant during the day, this is normally Thai food. If you have any specific dietary requirements, please inform us during the registration process so we can make the appropriate arrangements for you. Snacks can be purchased during stops. FART do not provide any alcohol, and do not allow any alcohol consumption during the day whilst motorcycles are in use. GB’s may consume alcohol in the evening, at their own expense, when the motorcycles are not in use. It is totally at the Road Captain’s discretion to decide whether a GB is fit and competent to ride at any time. Any delays incurred by a GB’s inability to ride may result in additional costs. 

Ground transfers

FART has deliberately kept ground transfers outside of our pricing. This is because GB’s can either arrive as Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok) or Hua Hin airport, and there are several options available depending on GB’s preference and budget. We have listed these options below, and GB’s will be asked to confirm which option they prefer during the registration process. FART will coordinate the ground transfers in-line with our itineraries. 


 All fuel provided for the motorcycles will be paid for by FART.

Motorcycle Damage and Breakdowns

Any damage must be reported to the Road Captain immediately. All  motorcycles have Thai legal  insurance, and third party insurance, but you will be liable for the first the 25,000THB for any incidental damage or any insurance claims. Note: This only covers motorcycles within Thailand. A support truck will be available to transport luggage and will carry motorcycle “consumables” to ensure any unavoidable mechanical delays are minimised. In the event of a catastrophic failure of a motorcycle a replacement will be available and provided as soon as practicable. 


There are no refunds if a GB curtails for whatever reason.

Motorcycle Type

FART understands the importance of providing you with the model of motorcycle you have requested, and always try to ensure that you are allocated that model. However, we do reserve the right to supply an alternative motorcycle, if for any reason the model requested is unavailable. Any material changes in rental rates will be negotiated in good faith directly between our GB and FART. We appreciate that GB’s enjoy motorcycles and with the Road Captain’s prior approval we allow GB’s to swap motorcycles whilst riding under FART directions.

The GB will be responsible for the ignition keys, and any other equipment supplied with the motorcycle. Any costs incurred in replacing any of these items that are lost, including additional logistical costs will be paid for by the GB and deducted from the deposit held.

Motorcycle tours
Motorcycle rides
Motorcycle tours Thailand
Motorcycle rides Thailand
Hua Hin

Vehicle Suitability

All of our motorcycles are locally registered, owned, insured and well maintained. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the motorcycle or other services provided upon collection, you must report this immediately to a FART representative. At the initial inspection any minor scratches, blemishes, etc will be agreed and noted between the GB and a FART representative. All daily maintenance checks will be carried out by a FART representative but the GB must inform us immediately of any unusual mechanical noises or uncharacteristic handling issues that appear whilst riding the motorcycle.  Complaints lodged retrospectively  will not be accepted.

Pillion Passengers

Pillion passengers / non-riders are welcome. Only pillions notified to a FART Agent Partner and signing our registration form may be carried. Any associated additional costs for pillion passengers will also be advised during the registration process. Pillions are not allowed to ride a FART motorcycle at any time. All pillion passengers must comply with the passport, visa and health/medical cover requirements as detailed above.

Special Requests

Please notify our Agent Partner of any special requests you may have at the time of registration (e.g., diet, disability, allergy, anniversary, birthday). There may be additional charges for any such requests. FART will try to arrange special requests to be met, but cannot guarantee that they will unless specifically agreed by FART in writing or associated additional costs are paid.